Ilium versus ileum

Personally, I never knew there was anything like ilium until my mum told me. I was even arguing with her saying, “Ilium is the American spelling of Ileum”. Lol… Just like me, students are prone to making this error especially when it comes to two biological terms that have different meaning and spelling but similar […]

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A child’s dream 1

Who is a child? A child, according to wiki is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty. A child is someone below the age of 18. In my opinion, “A child is like a hollow sphere waiting to be filled. A child is a pure and innocent being. What you give a […]

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Understanding Acids

Acids We have different definitions of what an acid is but as a student, you definition should differ from the definition of a layman. To a layman, an acid is a corrosive substance that burns the skin. If you are asked in an examination to define an acid (WASSCE for instance), the highlighted definition below […]

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